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What's the worst thing for my teeth?

Taking good care of your teeth is important. Brushing and flossing are a must, but what if you brush twice a day for two minutes and floss everyday and STILL are getting cavities? If that is the case, it may be time to look at your diet. Start by looking at your sugar intake. The worst kind of sugar (for your teeth) is whatever is going to have consistent exposure to them. Soda and sticky candies are usually the worst because they are typically sipped throughout the day or they stick to your teeth. They are destructive to your tooth's enamel. The enamel of your tooth is important because it is the hard exterior that protects the softer inside of your tooth that surrounds the nerve. When sugars are either left on your teeth or are constantly exposed to your teeth, they weaken your enamel and the sugar combined with bacteria that is found in your mouth start to eat away at your tooth causing decay. Sugar is delicious, and I am just as guilty as the next of having a "

How often should I brush and floss?

Brushing your teeth and flossing are no-brainers to dental professionals, but to a lot of people they can be hard habits to form. Whether it's the daunting time commitment or simply just forgetting, starting and keeping these healthy habits can be tricky. If motivation is lacking, it is important to know that these practices, though simple, are actually the most important things you can do for the health of your mouth. The  Journal of Dental Research   study in October 2016 made it clear there is a direct correlation between how frequently you brush and the number of cavities you get. The more you brush, typically, the less cavities you will form. Brushing and especially flossing will also help you to prevent gum disease. So, how often should you brush to keep your teeth happy and healthy? A standard recommendation is to brush twice per day and floss once per day. All mouths are different and some may need a little more TLC. Try to brush for at least two minutes.  When br