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Healthier Holiday Treats

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year This time of year is full of sweet treats and baked goods, something we all love. Our teeth, however, may need a little bit of a break from them. If that's the case, here are a few recipes and ideas for healthier  holiday snacks and treats to bring to your next holiday party. Just click on the links to see the recipes on the respective sites. 1.  Christmas Tree Vegetable Trays 2.  Ham & Cheese Christmas Cracker Snack   3.  Black Olive Penguins   4.  Reindeer Snack   5.  Guacamole Christmas Wreath   Enjoy the holidays! ~Cyrus M. Larson, DMD

Is Fluoride Good or Bad?

Fluoride.  One of the heavily debated topics of dentistry.  I have read a lot of information on both sides of the story. I'll start out by saying from the research I've done and the evidence I've seen as a dentist I am pro-fluoride.  As with most things fluoride is useful in moderation. (For studies and more information on fluoride click here .) Even water can be “toxic” in high enough doses. High levels of fluoride can cause dental or skeletal fluorosis. Dental fluorosis occurs from very high levels of fluoride as a child and results in mottling (spotting) of the teeth (and no cavities). (Click  here for more information on fluorosis.)  My patients that grow up in areas with high fluoride exposure often have NO cavities into their 20's, 30's and 40's. Fluoride is  found naturally in most water sources. The amount and concentration of naturally occurring fluoride in water is due to different types of soils and rocks found around a water source. Fluoride