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Don't Let Bad Breath Ruin Date Night

There are many different things that can contribute to having bad breath!  Some causes might be obvious like which foods you may be eating or having poor oral hygiene, but some might not be so evident. If you have date night or an important event coming up, here are some tricks to help you keep your breath fresh.

Common Foods to Avoid:
Garlic or Onions - The distinctive smell is caused by sulfur-containing chemicals in the garlic and onion. The smell can linger on a person's breath for hours and even overnight.

Dairy - Naturally occurring bacteria from your tongue feeds on the amino acids in milk and cheese, which can result in an odor that is foul.

Coffee - The caffeine in coffee can actually dry out your mouth by slowing saliva production which can be a trigger for bad breath

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This should be a little more obvious for most, but staying on top of your oral hygiene is the easiest way to keep your breath fresh. Make sure you are cleaning your dentures and other dental appliances as often as recommended by your regular dentist. Get in the routine of flossing and brushing your teeth twice daily to maintain overall dental hygiene.

Here are a couple things you might not realize affect your breath...
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Medications - There are over 400 different medications that are known to cause "Dry Mouth," also  known as xerstomia, which will in turn cause bad breath.  Some of the most common medications that treat cancer, high blood pressure, depression, allergies or even the common cold can contribute to bad breath.

Periodontal Disease - Periodontal disease can cause a bad taste in your mouth and/or cause you to have bad breath due to a build up of plaque on your teeth.
Tobacco - Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause bad breath, possibly stain your teeth, and irritate your gums.

All in all, it's easy to keep your breath fresh for your special night! Just take the proper steps to maintain your oral hygiene and stay away from any foods listed above that can contribute to bad breath. 

~Cyrus M. Larson, DMD


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